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Common name
Begonia cucullata , var. hookeri (A. DC.) L.B. Sm. & Schub.
Begonia semperflorens , Link & Otto
Similar species
Begonia cucullata is a herbaceous perennial plant native to South America. The begonia genus includes nearly 900 species and almost all of the Begoniaceae family. Many species have been used to obtain thousands of horticultural varieties. Introduced for ornamental purposes, Begonia cucullata is naturalized in Hawaii and in La Réunion, where the species is considered invasive in natural and semi-natural environments.

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Compiler: Comité français de l'UICN (IUCN French Committee) & IUCN SSC Invasive Species Specialist Group (ISSG)


Publication date: 2008-04-03

Recommended citation: Global Invasive Species Database (2023) Species profile: Begonia cucullata. Downloaded from http://www.iucngisd.org/gisd/speciesname/Begonia+cucullata on 27-03-2023.

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Management information
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General information
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Begonia cucullata
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(2023). Begonia cucullata. IUCN Environmental Impact Classification for Alien Taxa (EICAT).