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Common name
Allaiulus latestriatus , (Curtis, 1845)
Cylindroiulus frisius oceanicus , Verhoeff, 1920
Cylindroiulus frisius , (Verhoeff, 1891)
Cylindroiulus owenii , (Bollman, 1887)
Cylindroiulus parisiorum miraculus , (Brolemann & Verhoeff, 1896)
Diploiulus hortensis , (Wood, 1864)
Diploiulus latestriatus , (Curtis, 1845)
Diploiulus latistriatus latistriatus , (Curtis, 1845)
Diploiulus luscus , (Meinert, 1868)
Iulus hesperus , Chamberlin, 1914
Iulus luscus , var. homalopsis Latzel, 1886
Julus hesperus , Chamberlin, 1914
Julus hortensis , Wood, 1864
Julus latestriatus , Curtis, 1845
Julus luscus , Meinert, 1868
Julus luscus , var. homalopsis Latzel, 1886
Julus oweni , Bollman, 1887
Allajulus frisius , (Verhoeff, 1891)
Similar species
Cylindroiulus britannicus
Cylindroiulus latestriatus is a detritivore, an important regulator of ecosystem nutrient cycling processes. It's introduction to Gough Island (Tristan Islands, Tristan da Cunha, UK) may cause long-term effects on nutrient cycles by speeding up organic cycling and reducing the production of peat, changing floral and faunal assemblages.
Species Description
Cylindroiulus latestriatus is a millipede: Epiproct short and blunt, not protruding beyond margins of paraprocts; latter with 3 marginal setae apiece; gonopods and paraproct setation as shown by Blower (Records of the Hawaii Biological Survey 1997).
Habitat Description
Cylindroiulus latestriatus a soil and litter dweller (Holdgate 1965), is found in leaf, moss, fern and tree fern litter; found under moist leaves along roadside (Records of the Hawaii Biological Survey, 1997). On Gough Island C. latestriatus was never taken above 1000 ft; uplands the soils are much more compact, more mineral, and shallower than those of loose peats of the fern-bush (Holdgate 1965).

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Publication date: 2010-04-27

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[1] Environmental Ecosystem - Habitat
  • [1] Modification of nutrient pool and fluxes
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IUCN/SSC Invasive Species Specialist Group (ISSG)., 2010. A Compilation of Information Sources for Conservation Managers.
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General information
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(2021). Cylindroiulus latestriatus. IUCN Environmental Impact Classification for Alien Taxa (EICAT).