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Hieracium floribundum is a herbaceous perennial characterised by numerous horizontal runners and a rhizome in the ground. A native of Europe, it belongs to a genus that includes hundreds of species established in most temperate and mountainous areas in the tropics. H. floribundum is found in meadows or along paths and can compete with native species. Its invasion potential is linked to its ability to produce seeds without sexual reproduction and its ability to reproduce vegetatively.

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Compiler: Comité français de l'UICN (IUCN French Committee) & IUCN SSC Invasive Species Specialist Group (ISSG)


Publication date: 2008-04-03

Recommended citation: Global Invasive Species Database (2020) Species profile: Hieracium floribundum. Downloaded from on 05-07-2020.

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Summary: An online database that provides taxonomic information, common names, synonyms and geographical jurisdiction of a species. In addition links are provided to retrieve biological records and collection information from the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) Data Portal and bioscience articles from BioOne journals.
Available from: [Accessed 3 April 2008]
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